Time for a blog post, aye?

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Yup, have been rather busy during these holidays, trying to outline the track for my career. All the hard work paid off ;-). After a round of job applications, interviews, psychometric and aptitude testing, meet and greets and an exciting assessment centre day in Auckland, I had two offers on the table: Becoming and Auditor for KPMG or a Consultant for Deloitte. The choice was pretty easy, I signed the contract with Deloitte :-).

So from next year February onwards I will be working on my career in consulting, I am super excited and delighted :-).

Now that that’s sorted, I can focus on my studies, work and my other interests.

I have a few brilliant links I want to share with you guys.

This here is an interesting article about feminism and cows

I also read about casein and addiction to milk

What about higher taxes on meat?

And then there’s a website with 100% organic skin care products (lots of them are vegan) from Germany

On that note, gotta get back to work 🙂


Exciting Changes!!!

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So, I haven’t posted in almost a month. That’s bad, but with uni starting again and all sorts of stuff going on, I simply didn’t get around to it.

Chatting to a fellow vegan yesterday, reminded me that I do have a mission here: showing everyone how delicious and healthful (raw) vegan food can be.

So what happened in March?

Well on March 8 I made the decision to overhaul my diet. At the time I ate a standard raw vegan diet, i.e. high fat (avocado, oils, nuts, seeds). I was struggling with emotional eating, eating out of boredom, etc. and I just wasn’t feeling right. Well, guess what, there is a solution.

I found Freelee’s website and hooked up to 30BaD. Since that day, I have been 100% low-fat raw vegan (except 1 glass of orange juice at a function). It has been an awesome time and I have been able to release 3.3kg (6lbs). Just 2.7kg to go :-).

It’s been a blast, I have never felt better in my life. Raw vegan was great but now I am eating a diet that consists of 80% carbs (mostly fruit, some veges, lots of leafy greens), 10% protein and 10% fat (both abundant in fruits, veges and leafy greens).

I have not had overt fats (avocado, nuts, seeds) for all that time and feel great about it. I feel light, cheerful, energetic and I am just positive all the time :-).

I also read a lot about the 80-10-10 “diet” on D. Graham’s website and have bought his book which I am reading at the moment to gain more of an understanding why life has become such an awesome ride for me :-).

Because I am eating 2200 calories each day (tracking it nicely with Cron-O-Meter), I am never hungry, underfed and all my cravings have gone away completely. It is very important to eat enough calories because if you’re lacking fruity carbs, you will find yourself wanting cooked foods/salty/fatty foods again. Not good.

Salt dehydrates us, fat makes us sluggish. For me, 80-10-10 is the way to go. And I know it works for heaps of others, too.

I have started training more seriously for the 10km race on 1 May. My first 10km training run was 56:26. My second one was 55:20. My third one has yet to come, but today I did a 9.6km in 54:00, quite happy with that :-).

I have heaps of energy, so I started walking to work and home, which I find a lot less stressful than biking. With biking I always felt rushed, with walking, it’s just walking. This way I get 2 hours of hill-walking every time I go into town (3-4x a week). I also try to fit in 4 runs a week. This way I am still tired by the end of the day, making sure I get 8 hours of sleep (more on days off).

My skin feels clear and smooth and yeah, I just feel great :-).

In terms of what I’m eating on a typical weekday, here’s a list:

Breakfast (~8.30am): 4-5 oranges

2nd Breakfast (~11.30am): Green smoothie – 4 bananas, 150g-200g of spinach

Lunch (~2.30pm): Green smoothie – 4 bananas, 150g spinach

Dinner (~6pm): 3 apples or oranges; large green salad with 3 zucchinis, 4 tomatoes, a bunch of parsley or coriander, freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1 capsicum

A typical day off/weekend day would be:

Breakfast: 1.5l watermelon juice, fresh

2nd Breakfast: 4-Banana smoothie

Lunch: Green Smoothie – 4 bananas, 200g spinach

Dinner: Large green salad with zucchini, tomato, capsicum, celery

And I am thriving!

Once I it goal weight (Hopefully in 2 weeks) I will post a before and after :-).

So that’s it for now, back to reading “The 80-10-10 Diet”

Making Raw Sushi and Raw Pasta Marinara

•March 5, 2010 • 2 Comments

For all those craving a bit of a sushi feeling along the way of your raw food journey, here is the solution: Raw sushi…

No, there’s no uncooked rice involved ;-). You could make a raw “rice” by processing cauliflower or parsnip in your food processor (season with a little bit of almond butter, nama shoyu, pepper, lemon juice), but if your pressed for time or your tummy doesn’t feel so great about raw cauliflower/parsnip, then try the following…

You need:

Nori Sheets (raw or toasted, depending on your preference):

Spread a strip of white nori paste (somewhat sweet and super-tasty) on the nori sheet

Add your favourite ingredients

Roll up, slice and serve…

If you’re more the pasta type, here my latest creation: Pasta Marinara with Avocado-Basil “pesto”

For the pasta, spiralise (or julienne) 1 medium zucchini.

For the sauce:

Soak 8 sundried tomatoes in warm water (for about 15 min.), drain, rinse and put into a blender jug. Add 5 chopped, medium sized tomatoes, juice of 1/2 lemon, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 clove of garlic, freshly ground pepper and a pinch of Himalayan Sea salt. Blend and pour over the pasta.

For the pesto:

Blend 1 1/2 small (or 1 large) avocadoes with juice of 1/2 lemon, splash of tamari, handful of fresh basil leaves and 1/2 clove of garlic.

Place dollops of the pesto on top of the tomato sauce. Garnish with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes.

Enjoy 🙂

Being absent

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Hello my readers,

apologies for not writing any entries this past week. Paul’s dad passed away and we haven’t been home since Monday. I will blog again soon, once everything has settled down.

Thanks for understanding



Salad Sushi Rolls

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Just a short picture entry. This was part of my dinner tonight and will definitely feature on the menu again in the future. Yummy salad nori rolls

So it’s just a sheet of nori, topped with a strip of white miso paste, capsicum, avocado and fresh coriander. YUM!!!

Wheat Grass

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1 week ago, I started growing my own wheat grass. Because I can.

Here the progress so far…

Raw Chocolate Heaven

•February 17, 2010 • 1 Comment

OMG I just made and tasted my first ever raw chocolate. It was heaven on earth, like seriously ridiculously delicious.

For all you out there: I beg you, please make this and treat yourself (it sets within an hour hehehehe).

Put 7 Tblsp deodorized (odor-less) coconut oil into a bowl and place the bowl in a hot water bath, stir until melted. Add 3/4 cup of cocoa and 5 Tblsp maple syrup (can use agave, too. Not sure about honey, I think it has to much of a distinct own flavour). Whisk together until smooth.

Pour the mix into silicon ice cube trays and chill in the fridge for at least one hour. Done!
I added prunes to 3 of the molds so I will see how they turn out. You could add endless other ingredients:
– a blob of sweet nutbutter, e.g. hazelnut butter, almond butter, etc.
– raisins and hazelnuts
– chopped macadamia
– apricots, figs, mango pieces (all dried)

Or just plain chocolate…

after 1 hour, the chocolate is set, but not yet hard enough to snap like standard block chocolate. I don’t know whether it will become like that after being in the fridge overnight, but this fudgy delicious texture is so perfect already.
Give it a go and go to chocolate heaven.

Will see you there… 🙂

Raw chocolate covered love