I am a 23 year old student, majoring in Psychology, Human Resource Management, Accounting and Commercial Law. I immigrated to New Zealand from Germany in 2006 and just love the lifestyle, the people and even the weather down under. I’ve been vegan since Feb 2008 and have moved on to Raw Foods on January 12, 2009.

Beside my love for food and any kind of culinary experiments, I also love running, socialising with friends, learning new things (at uni and elsewhere), meeting people, travelling, reading, etc.

I work part-time in an office with a bunch of lovely people who are also very willing guinea-pigs for my many food creations, baked goodies that is :-).

I always try to put a smile on people’s faces and to bring fun, laughter and happiness to my environment. I truly believe that you will receive what you send out, so by being a happy, cheerful, open-minded person I try to draw good things into my life and to surround myself with like-minded people.

Over the last 10 years I have more or less constantly struggled with my weight. I was never overweight but like most female teenagers, I always thought I was too fat. In my late teens I started putting on more weight and therefore I have had my share of experiences with weight watchers, a few different diets, food combining, fasting etc. Weight watchers actually worked for me but after a while I got quite bored. Thankfully by that time I had started to eat rather healthily, including a variety of fresh foods in my diet (still omnivore though). In another attempt to shed those last 6kgs that just wouldn’t move, I went browsing the bookstore and found ‘skinny bitch’. I wasn’t aware that it would ‘turn me into a vegan’, so I bought it and basically read the whole book within 2 days. I had tears in my eyes when reading it and felt really stupid for being so ignorant about what I had been eating all those 22 years. And I was quite enjoying a nice steak or salmon sushi. Well, I made up my mind pretty quickly, so after finishing the book I was vegetarian, searching for dairy substitutes (loved my muesli in the morning) and within 1 week I made the switch to vegan. I never looked back, this has been the best year of my life so far. After transitioning to raw foods (very suddenly on January 12) I am healthier and happier with myself than I’ve ever been before. I also lost 3.5kgs (7.8lbs)in the process (over 4 weeks) and am now not struggling with my weight anymore. I can just easily maintain it by eating fresh raw fruits and vegetables, sprouts and seeds and occasionally nuts and avocados (I keep these at low levels though because too much fat in my diet leaves me feeling sluggish and bloated).

Initially on the vegan diet I lost weight easily – then I discovered the joys of vegan baking. All this experimenting left my weight hovering at around 59kg. I also did my first Marathon in June last year which didn’t help with the weight loss (all the training leaves you devouring ridiculous amounts of peanut butter banana jam sandwiches – but not that I minded hehe). After the marathon I had a good look at my eating behaviour and cut out a lot of the sweets I was consuming constantly, apple crumble and the likes.

June was a moment of change for me, I just decided that sometime. First was the marathon, but I also cut my hair short (after a life of long(ish) hair), I finished my 2nd year at uni and was about to become a 3rd year student and I also just wanted my life to throw something new at me (and believe me, it did, but I won’t discuss that here hehe). So after reassessing my diet and with the prospect of my 23rd birthday coming up in mid August, I made a good effort and reached my goal weight of 55kg on my birthday. A very happy, healthy vegan.

During the last few months of being vegan I more and more looked into raw foods and raw food diets. I wasn’t quite sure how to start the whole thing. I then started doing “Raw Saturdays” basically for 2 reasons. Firstly, to use up any fruit and veges before going to the market on Sunday and secondly to detox a little because I usually end up having a few glasses of wine on Fridays :-). I kept up a mostly raw diet until late November but slowly the weight crept back on because I was overindulging in nuts and dried fruits because my food intake wasn’t balanced enough and when I got home I just ate everything in sight.

In late November 2008 my boyfriend and I travelled to Europe to visit my family for Christmas. Obviously there wasn’t much raw food around, especially because it was winter, the food prices in Germany were high and it was Christmas :-).

So after 5 weeks I returned, back at 58.1 kgs, not very happy with my “progress”.

Thankfully I got new inspiration from my friend Denise (raw vegan, too) who took up the raw food diet late last year and had amazing success with it. So on January 12, everything changed again and I made a proper commitment. I did a lot of research on raw foods, green smoothies, exercise, etc. and made sure that I ate enough, 3 filling meals and an afternoon snack. This way, I had a lot of variety in my diet, balanced blood sugar levels and constant energy. I lost weight in the process (also thanks to getting back into my full running routine of 4-5 runs a week) and gained a lot of happiness and fulfillment doing it.

My recent blog posts will also show you that I am focusing on personal development now, doing more for others and growing as a person.

I hope, you will enjoy reading my blog and that you can find useful information for yourself on the pages offered here.

Lots of Love





7 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Eva!

    Thanks for visiting my new site passionately dedicated (a labor of love) to the raw foods lifestyle.

    I also transitioned in increments… had been vegan for years (member of PETA, haha) and then went 50% raw, then 75% raw. And, now on day 69 of being 100% raw.

    80-90% is a good ratio. Nowadays, I think everyone should be eating at least 50% for health and energy benefits.

    Anyway, best wishes to you on your raw food journey. 🙂

  2. just stumbled upon your blog. great stuff! amazing photos + beautiful images!

  3. I too have struggled with my weight. I searched and searched for the diet. I prayed and prayed for the magic pill. Since transitioning to raw, living foods, the excess weight is falling off. Chronic health problems have disappeared. I really commend you for embarking on this journey. A high raw, vegan diet will change your life in countless ways.

  4. You are so beautiful!! I love how the green juice matches your green shirt!! I too struggle with my weight and have been vegan for 2 years and about 80% raw. My ultimate goal is to be 100% raw but I am finding that this is difficult with a non raw family!! Anyways, good luck and very nice site!!!

  5. Hey! You have some great looking foods on here. Can you tell me what lucuma powder tastes like? I keep seeing it and have no idea to what fruit I can compare it. Thanks!

    • Hey,

      lucuma powder tastes very yummy. Makes ice cream taste like caramel :-). At least my banana icecream (blended frozen bananas)

  6. Hi Eva! It’s so nice to see more people talking about the raw food lifestyle. I’m glad I found your web site. 🙂

    I looooove the picture of you holding up a green juice! Yum!

    Love <3,
    Nathalie, aka The Raw Foods Witch http://RawFoodsWitch.com

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