The weekend

Aren’t weekends great? Especially those where you don’t have any plans, appointments or other commitments… Fantastic.

So I headed to a new farmers market in town and was so pleasantly surprised. I really loved it. It was small, personal, the vendors were nice, approachable and really made an effort to get to know their customers. There was one mainstream vege grower, an organic stall with funky oldern day stuff that our grandma’s generation would have eaten, like a lot of greens and green vegetables that I hadn’t seen before. So that was great. Then there was a stall selling greens and sprouts. Nice vendor as well. One place was selling nuts, some sold homemade preserves, there was a gluten-free stall, a pizza place, a coffee shop, meat and fish stalls, a pastry stall, a flower stall and a lady selling sorbets. Vegan sorbets, yum!

Now I have a new plan :-). I want to have a stall on this market selling my homebaked goodies. Everything is pretty much doable, the only problem is that I don’t have a car and without one, I cannot get there, but buying a car only for this purpose would be silly, as I would end up paying more for the car each week than I could earn in revenue. Yes, I will buy a car eventually later this year but at this point, there is no spare money. But I have a few ideas up my sleeve for solving this last issue :-).

I have already made a plan of the things I want to make and sell. I have also read a rather useful article on this blog that gave me plenty of useful information about starting a market stall.

Now I have to get on to the costing of the products. This is a bit tedious, but it has to be done.

For tomorrow we have some gardening ahead of us. We cleared out the weed in front of our house this afternoon, so tomorrow the new plants will move in. I have to do some paperwork and get the house tidy. It looks a bit messy with bits and pieces lying around everywhere. What do you reckon is the best approach? Get a box, put all the stuff that doesn’t belong in the lounge into the box then go from there? I think that’s a smart move because it will be instantly tidy and then I can work down the contents of the box :-).

Weather forecast for tomorrow is good, too. Maybe I can fit in a run, too. Or a walk into town. I actually do seem to need quite a few things. Ah, we’ll see.

Looking forward to more couply gardening with Paul 🙂


~ by hearmeraw on February 13, 2010.

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