The weekend

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Aren’t weekends great? Especially those where you don’t have any plans, appointments or other commitments… Fantastic.

So I headed to a new farmers market in town and was so pleasantly surprised. I really loved it. It was small, personal, the vendors were nice, approachable and really made an effort to get to know their customers. There was one mainstream vege grower, an organic stall with funky oldern day stuff that our grandma’s generation would have eaten, like a lot of greens and green vegetables that I hadn’t seen before. So that was great. Then there was a stall selling greens and sprouts. Nice vendor as well. One place was selling nuts, some sold homemade preserves, there was a gluten-free stall, a pizza place, a coffee shop, meat and fish stalls, a pastry stall, a flower stall and a lady selling sorbets. Vegan sorbets, yum!

Now I have a new plan :-). I want to have a stall on this market selling my homebaked goodies. Everything is pretty much doable, the only problem is that I don’t have a car and without one, I cannot get there, but buying a car only for this purpose would be silly, as I would end up paying more for the car each week than I could earn in revenue. Yes, I will buy a car eventually later this year but at this point, there is no spare money. But I have a few ideas up my sleeve for solving this last issue :-).

I have already made a plan of the things I want to make and sell. I have also read a rather useful article on this blog that gave me plenty of useful information about starting a market stall.

Now I have to get on to the costing of the products. This is a bit tedious, but it has to be done.

For tomorrow we have some gardening ahead of us. We cleared out the weed in front of our house this afternoon, so tomorrow the new plants will move in. I have to do some paperwork and get the house tidy. It looks a bit messy with bits and pieces lying around everywhere. What do you reckon is the best approach? Get a box, put all the stuff that doesn’t belong in the lounge into the box then go from there? I think that’s a smart move because it will be instantly tidy and then I can work down the contents of the box :-).

Weather forecast for tomorrow is good, too. Maybe I can fit in a run, too. Or a walk into town. I actually do seem to need quite a few things. Ah, we’ll see.

Looking forward to more couply gardening with Paul ๐Ÿ™‚


Being back at work

•February 9, 2010 • 2 Comments

So, I went back to work today after being on holidays since Christmas :-). It was great to see everyone again and a lot of people commented on my TV appearance last week.

I didn’t sleep well last night though after late-night cocoa consumption, so after lunch time I got really tired. I pulled through thanks to a big bottle of freshly squeezed vege juice, another big bottle filled with green smoothie and a big bowl of fresh cherries :-).

Biking into work went well, biking home, well, that was a lot tougher. Into work there’s only 1 up-hill, but 3 down-hills, back home it was the reverse. I stumbled into the house slightly sore from the incline up our street. Then I allowed Tracy Anderson to torture me for a bit, but I gave up after the first few leg workouts. Next time after my bike ride I’ll go straight to the upper body workout. Tomorrow I will go for a run with Paul after work. I hope my legs won’t give up :-).

So for dinner tonight I had nori-wrapped carrot balls with apricot-tahini-miso dressing

It was satisfying but the nori filling needs some work :-).

I’ll leave you with this picture. More next time…

The vegan is back :-)

•February 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

After getting a bit of air time on TV, I thought I better start blogging again :-).

Yes, a lot has happened in the last few months which kind of prevented me getting enough time to keep up this page. Since about August/September there have been many changes in my life:

1. I have finally found my calling and decided to start a little (huge) adventure by opening my own health food/vegetarian/vegan cafe here in Wellington after finishing university. This is a giant step and I am absolutely scared but at the same time, it is my dream to share my love for food and my passion for healthy living with as many people as I can possibly reach and to create a place for a community of like-minded people in this city. I have not set a definite date yet as everything is still in my head but the planning will start on paper shortly as I am riding on a real wave of motivation at the moment. So watch out for plans, dreams, news and ideas :-).

2. I applied for Masterchef New Zealand (amateur reality TV cooking show) andย got accepted.

My audition recipe can be found here ๐Ÿ™‚ (it is worth trying ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

3. My brother came to NZ for a working holiday in November on the day of my first exam just before I headed to Auckland for the Masterchef auditions. I had to sit my exams 2 days earlier to be able to go to the auditions. Still got alright marks :-)).

4. In December, we bought our first house together. It is the perfect house and I couldn’t be happier. It is new (4 years), warm, dry, safe, sunny and has a huge property. Problem: the section is steep and covered in native bush. We are clearing a bit so I can have a vege garden as much as possible. Until then it’s herbs on the window sill and I am about to start growing wheat grass. On the weekend, Paul and I will plant lavender, rosemary and thyme in the front yard :-).

5. After Christmas I flew to Sydney to meet my parents and aunty. We spent New Year’s there with fantastic fire works and lots of sunshine. Oh and a lot of ripe mangoes :-). Then we flew back to New Zealand to explore the south island for 3.5 weeks followed by a week up north in Russel. It was a fantastic long holiday with lots of green smoothies for mum and myself, a lot of ripe cherries, peaches, apricots and plums and plenty of sunshine.

Check out the pictures here.

So today I finally arrived in Wellington again, ready to really move into my house (Since 17 December I spent about 2 weeks here in total). I am going back to work tomorrow, wondering what people will say about my latest “vegan weirdness” on TV :-). But hey, my colleagues, well, I love them dearly. They happily try all my food, all my cakes and will be perfect food critics for future cafe food.

On 1 March (3 weeks – uaaaa) I will start uni again for the last trimester ever :-). Well, until I decide I want to become a somewhat important Dr. of some sort :-). No thanks, let’s get into the real world and make a difference, reach out to people, help, support, cheer them on, connect, become friends and make this world a better place.

I have a lot of ideas in my head, a lot of passion and a lot of hope that change will come. And while all these ideas are taking shape and are becoming reality, I will keep cooking and uncooking in my new kitchen with all my fancy gadgets that I love so dearly, with all the great produce that I am addicted to and I hope that one day someone will say, Eva made a difference in my life.

So before I get to sentimental, here’s to a great tomorrow and all those days after that.

Yours truly,

the raw vegan ๐Ÿ™‚

Going well…

•September 23, 2009 • 3 Comments

Yes, so far so good :-).

The 8 hours sleep, well some nights it’s 9 hours, some it’s 7, but I am making a real effort.

I have embarked on a smoothie adventure, so for the next little while I will blend all my meals, making them easy to handle for my body. And, of course, involve lots of greens :-).

Exercise, well, my right hip is still sore, so I have put a warm wheat pack on it last night and this morning. It seems to be getting better but I am swapping running and instead am biking around to put less stress on it.

Yeah, lots of uni stuff to do so I better run.

Lots of love!

Vegan Cheesecake and Apple Tarte Tatin

•September 20, 2009 • 2 Comments

Yes, cooked, not raw. I have to admit I have had way too much cooked foods recently but I am hopping back on the Raw Bandwagon as of tomorrow, September, 21st! I am determined.

I know I said that in the past, but I really want to turn this around. I have sampled all the baking creations that I wanted to sample so now it is time to focus on my health, my well-being and on losing those 5kgs that I still want to say good-bye to. Those stubborn silly love handles and that slightly wobbly tummy, well they have to disappear. I will release them into thin, skinny, healthy raw food air!

I want to focus a lot more on the signals my body sends me. And listen to them – and act according to them.

I talked to my mum who introduced me to a new method of making use of what my body knows is best for it. I don’t quite know the appropriate terms in English, but anyway, you basically get your body to show you its way of saying “yes” and “no” and then you ask questions and see what the reaction is.

Sounds like hocus-pocus? Well, I truly believe that we instinctively, deep down inside ourselves, know exactly what is best for us. We just often ignore those signals and act impulsively, putting our wants before our needs and end up feeling worse than we would if we had just listened.

So now I am embarking on this journey of listening to my body and actually asking myself some questions when faced with decisions. I will see how that goes. I am often guilty of not making time for myself. For example, I want to do yoga every morning and evening, but then I am too tired, it’s too late, etc. and that’s just not good enough. I have to make enough time for myself because I AM WORTH IT.

(Can I borrow someones 24hours each day? hehehe).

So here it goes…

– 8 hours sleep each night

– 5 min yoga each morning and evening. More is better, but let’s take small steps.

– RAW food all the way ๐Ÿ™‚

– exercise regularly: bike and run

– relax and shut down the laptop at 8pm

I am hopeful :-). So I will do whatever I can to be the best I can be!

Foodie Blog Finds

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Look what I’ve discovered recently…

Novel Eats

Taste spotting

Pink Stripes

The Daring Kitchen (thinking of joining hehe)

Vegan Bits

Raw foods

•September 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

I also wanted to provide you with this link to a very interesting discussion…

It is about certain raw foods that people have cut out of their diets because of how their body responded to it. Very interesting, especially if you’ve been experimenting with raw foods for a while or have found that you’re just not feeling as awesome as you did in the past and you can’t find the reason for it.

Hope you’ll enjoy and find it useful.