Being back at work

So, I went back to work today after being on holidays since Christmas :-). It was great to see everyone again and a lot of people commented on my TV appearance last week.

I didn’t sleep well last night though after late-night cocoa consumption, so after lunch time I got really tired. I pulled through thanks to a big bottle of freshly squeezed vege juice, another big bottle filled with green smoothie and a big bowl of fresh cherries :-).

Biking into work went well, biking home, well, that was a lot tougher. Into work there’s only 1 up-hill, but 3 down-hills, back home it was the reverse. I stumbled into the house slightly sore from the incline up our street. Then I allowed Tracy Anderson to torture me for a bit, but I gave up after the first few leg workouts. Next time after my bike ride I’ll go straight to the upper body workout. Tomorrow I will go for a run with Paul after work. I hope my legs won’t give up :-).

So for dinner tonight I had nori-wrapped carrot balls with apricot-tahini-miso dressing

It was satisfying but the nori filling needs some work :-).

I’ll leave you with this picture. More next time…


~ by hearmeraw on February 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Being back at work”

  1. hi Eva, fellow Kiwi vegan saying hi, I saw you on Masterchef and was so happy to see a vegan represent! I’m so sorry you didn’t get through, I was really hoping that you would. I know things are edited for TV, but I wanted to punch the judge when he said that you weren’t going through because of your veganism and not doing well in challenges. Silly judges. anyway, hopefully seeing you on TV will inspire a few Kiwis to explore more non-meat dishes. cheers, ingrid

    • Hi Ingrid,
      thank you for your comment. Ray actually said ‘it’s not because you’re vegan, it’s because you didn’t perform’. I think he was the least prejudiced about the veganism ‘issue’.
      It was a great experience and I knew it would have gotten to a tough situation like that sooner or later.
      But yes, veganism on TV – score!!!

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