Going well…

Yes, so far so good :-).

The 8 hours sleep, well some nights it’s 9 hours, some it’s 7, but I am making a real effort.

I have embarked on a smoothie adventure, so for the next little while I will blend all my meals, making them easy to handle for my body. And, of course, involve lots of greens :-).

Exercise, well, my right hip is still sore, so I have put a warm wheat pack on it last night and this morning. It seems to be getting better but I am swapping running and instead am biking around to put less stress on it.

Yeah, lots of uni stuff to do so I better run.

Lots of love!


~ by hearmeraw on September 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Going well…”

  1. I love smoothies! My newest is a mango green monster and it’s pure energy! Mango, spinach, oj,milk, agave…so easy and taste really gooooood. Feel better. I have some smoothie recipes on my blog. Come check it out.

  2. I love my green smoothies!! Good luck with your run, hope your hip feels better.

  3. Nice to see another raw foodie participating in Vegan Mofo. Thanks for helping to spread the raw love 🙂

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