Vegan Cheesecake and Apple Tarte Tatin

Yes, cooked, not raw. I have to admit I have had way too much cooked foods recently but I am hopping back on the Raw Bandwagon as of tomorrow, September, 21st! I am determined.

I know I said that in the past, but I really want to turn this around. I have sampled all the baking creations that I wanted to sample so now it is time to focus on my health, my well-being and on losing those 5kgs that I still want to say good-bye to. Those stubborn silly love handles and that slightly wobbly tummy, well they have to disappear. I will release them into thin, skinny, healthy raw food air!

I want to focus a lot more on the signals my body sends me. And listen to them – and act according to them.

I talked to my mum who introduced me to a new method of making use of what my body knows is best for it. I don’t quite know the appropriate terms in English, but anyway, you basically get your body to show you its way of saying “yes” and “no” and then you ask questions and see what the reaction is.

Sounds like hocus-pocus? Well, I truly believe that we instinctively, deep down inside ourselves, know exactly what is best for us. We just often ignore those signals and act impulsively, putting our wants before our needs and end up feeling worse than we would if we had just listened.

So now I am embarking on this journey of listening to my body and actually asking myself some questions when faced with decisions. I will see how that goes. I am often guilty of not making time for myself. For example, I want to do yoga every morning and evening, but then I am too tired, it’s too late, etc. and that’s just not good enough. I have to make enough time for myself because I AM WORTH IT.

(Can I borrow someones 24hours each day? hehehe).

So here it goes…

– 8 hours sleep each night

– 5 min yoga each morning and evening. More is better, but let’s take small steps.

– RAW food all the way 🙂

– exercise regularly: bike and run

– relax and shut down the laptop at 8pm

I am hopeful :-). So I will do whatever I can to be the best I can be!


~ by hearmeraw on September 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vegan Cheesecake and Apple Tarte Tatin”

  1. Are you talking about muscle testing for asking your body the question? i totally believe in that.


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