Vegan fun on twitter

Check out this great post about Vegan Breakfasts that I have received on twitter!

The article mentions Nancy’s Bagels, a place that bakes vegan bagels. Yum!

Discovered this Blog: Happy Vegan Yogini. Must add it to my Blogroll.


How is everyone doing this week? I’ve had a good start to the week with a shared dinner at Chow with some friends. Yesterday, due to developing a cold, I started my detox with a “water fast” on hot lemon, ginger and honey. Yes, I have started eating honey again, so what does that make me? An “Api-Vegan”? Or a “Beegan”?

I don’t care about labels quite frankly.

Anyway, so my fast was good and this morning I woke up refreshed and feeling light. I think my body liked having that break and managed to attend to that cold so that I am a lot less sniffly than the past 2 days.

Today I continued my journey back to a higher amount of raw food (so many social commitments and tempting cooked vegan recipes lately…) , by having a green smoothie for breakfast, a big salad for lunch, 2 apples for snacks and not sure yet about dinner. I think it will be nibbles: carrot and zucchini sticks, celery, grapes, kiwifruit. Yum!

It’s the second day of spring and we had lovely sunshine all day. lots of wind though. There’s a forecast for another chilly few days as a last breath of winter. We’ll see 🙂


~ by hearmeraw on September 2, 2009.

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