Alright, I am back

Yes, I have neglected this blog and how many times have I promised to make the effort to post more often?

Well, we are going multi-media now, using Twitter, Flickr and so on, so my updates will come in one form or another.

I have recently completed Penni Shelton‘s Raw food Rehab experiment and it was great fun. Now I am trying to settle into my own raw food routine that won’t be affected by uni stress as happened recently.

I have regained about 2kg over the last few months and they need to go and then some.

Currently my goal is for 4kgs to be gone by September 30 so I can start October slender, svelte and sexy. And from there it will just keep going.

So for anyone who cares to know 🙂 I have arrived at the following conclusion for my ideal raw food day:

– breakfast: Green smoothie

– lunch: large salad with lots of veges

– dinner: nibbles of mixed veges, pickles, olives and some sort of dip, such as hummus, lentil-kumara dip, spinach dip etc.

I need crunch and while I love my green smoothies, too much liquid food leaves me unsatisfied.

I have recently started baking again, as in “Baking frantically”. I have also gotten back into vegan baking and am sampling my creations, even though they are not raw (or healthy for that matter).

More on that subject will be discussed at a later stage when I can actually discuss it :-).

I have 6 more weeks of uni lectures for this trimester and then the summer begins. Next year, I have to complete one last trimester, from March until June and then I will be done. And gosh, I cannot wait, I am getting sick of it. This is my last year and I can feel my motivation dwindling.

Okay, I am really sorry, but I have to tidy up big time here, so I better go and do that. Trust me, there will be more posts and you can also follow me on Twitter and check out my photos on Flickr


~ by hearmeraw on August 30, 2009.

One Response to “Alright, I am back”

  1. WELCOME BACK!!! 🙂

    GOod luck with your goals and the rest of the trimester!!

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