Crazyman – It’s over

Hey everyone,

you might remeber earlier posts about the crazyman race which happened today. After a week of rain, it was dry and cold/windy yesterday and we had a super great awesome day today. It was cold in the morning and “fresh” overall (14 degree Celsius) but lots of sun, a few clouds, calm and no rain in sight :-).

I had an awesome race and after running the course 2 weeks ago in 2hrs 25min, I finished it today in 2 hrs 5 min.!!! Despite having a cold :-).

Go the raw food! My breakfast was 2 bananas and before the race I munched on 2T of raw cacao nibs to give me that extra caffeine bost that helps running performance :-). Post-race was 1 dried fig and later a green smoothie, a cup of vege soup, 2 apples and an extra banana :-).

Yes, I absolutely loved it, had a fantastic day and everyone else had a blast, too.

Here are some photos for you guys so you know what I’m talking about (and why it’s called the Crazyman hehe).

Love to you all!


~ by hearmeraw on May 2, 2009.

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