Calm before the storm

Hmmm. I had an accounting test today and it didn’t go all that well. Never mind though, there are so many things I need to focus on right now.

I have to finish an assignment for that accounting paper by thursday and enter some data for a psyc project by next week Friday. I also have plenty on at work and then, well there’s the crazyman this Saturday.

I am mightily excited and cannot wait to start :-). That’s what I mean with calm before the storm.

After today’s test I am quite calm now, it’s dark outside, raining, cold, I’m sitting here with a candle and a scarf as I can feel the result of my darling BF coughing and sniffling around me for the last week. I have to up my green smoothie intake. So from now until I am 100% without any signs of sickness, I will consume 2 green smoothies and 1 salad each day :-).

Wow, that’s gonna be fun, yummy and will lead to many trips to the bathroom hehehe. But hey, that’s all good. We like to cleanse, detox the liver and keep the bowels healthy, don’t we?

I miss you my dear readers and feel guilty for not blogging more regularly, but sometimes there’s just not much to tell.

I am noticing that the raw food idea is catching on around me. I am not sure whether I am passively (through my behaviour, health and happiness) influencing people, but whatever it is, I love to see that others are embracing healthful steps in their lives.

I notice not only more interest, but also more acceptance, curiosity, more questions and more thoughtful behaviour (such as a colleague organising carrot sticks for me for work drinks – what a darling!!!).

Okay here is some great news that I almost forgot to tell you guys :-). I will be flying home to Germany in June/July for a 2 1/2 week summer holiday (a break from the sh*tty winter here) and you can’t imagine how excited I am about it. The last time I went there in summer was in 2007, but the summer wasn’t great so now I am hoping for more :-).

I think, I should be smart now and get some sleep, especially with that sore throught nagging me. But I will close (as I try to do always) with a few pictures from my kitchen…


~ by hearmeraw on April 29, 2009.

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