Do you all find that time is just flying at the moment? I can’t believe it’s mid-April already.

I have been on holidays from uni for a week now. I got a chance to relax over Easter which was nice and I am looking forward to this weekend, too. My boyfriend has flown north with his sister and her baby to visit their parents until Tuesday, so I am home alone which is a lot less fun than I expected.

But I am planning on having some fun tonight, rearranging furniture (not that there is much to rearrange in our tiny apartment), tidying up, cleaning, making everything sparkle again because I myself have found the raw food sparkle I thougth I lost recently.

I have gone back to basics, doing a Raw Diva Detox at the moment which I find so valuable for getting back to pure raw foods and for clearing headspace as well.

Besides the overt decluttering at home, I also need to get stuck into assignments etc. There is plenty of work waiting for me and if I manage to start earlyish, it’ll be so much less stressful in the long-run.

Here a few links for you to pages where I’ve been hanging out recently :-):

The Raw Divas Blog

RawFu (love it!!!)

Heathy’s Blog (getting so inspired!)

Susan’s Blog (lots of cracker recipes for me to try with my dehydrator)

I will upload some pictures once I get home from work. I have done lots of uncooking recently but never got the chance to upload the photos, let alone recipes. Well, I don’t often follow recipes, I just throw stuff together and make dishes up as I go along :-). It’s most fun!!!

Lots of love to everyone and while you’re waiting, check out my Easter Lunch (Warning: lots of non-vegan dishes) feast album.


P.S.: Can anyone tell me whether I can use agar agar in a raw way? I heard that it just needs to be heated above 35 Degrees Celsius. Has anyone tried this? Please let me know, I’m dying to make raw jellies 🙂 (or puddings as you might call them elsewhere – wobbly desserts hehe)


~ by hearmeraw on April 17, 2009.

One Response to “Friday”

  1. Let me know the answer to the agar agar question – I was actually wondering about that myself!!

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