“Cooking” is fun again

Yes, admittedly my raw diet suffered a bit recently and I wasn’t being all that creative, or didn’t have the time and energy to put a lot of effort into the dishes I created.

But a new episode of my life has just started today. The spiraliser has arrived! And how much fun I’ve had already!!!

I came home from a long day at uni/work (presentation at uni at 9am, then work from 10.30-3.15, then uni from 3.30-5.30), hoping that, after exactly 14 days, my parent’s parcel would have arrived. And, bless the law of attraction, it had.

A big exciting cardboard box full of goodies. So there were some winter clothes for me, 2 spiralisers (one for me, one for Denise), a little Christmas decoration winter house thing for my BF and some gummy bears for him, as well as vegan ones for me :-).

So I got out the spiraliser straight away, started soaking some walnuts and coconut chips for a damn good al fredo sauce and got busy in the kitchen.

the results…

It’s so much fun. I can’t wait to make dinner for tomorrow :-). I will spiralise everything that crosses my path hahaha


~ by hearmeraw on April 1, 2009.

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