Life is just awesome, isn’t it?

Hey lovelies,

yay I feel great tonight. I just did a practice run of the psychology presentation I have to give tomorrow and I finished in 9min 16sec which is great because we get cut off at 10min :-). So now I feel a lot better about tomorrow. I’m even ready to get started on an assignment that I was planning to do tomorrow :-).

I have lots of other exciting stuff going on as well, but because of this being a public blog, I can’t tell you. And I so want to, but it wouldn’t be smart. But yeah, that ‘project’ is keeping me busy, it’s like an extra uni paper at the moment in terms of the workload.

Work is going well, also, busy and a bit hectic at times, but I love my team and that makes all the difference.

My running, well, I still run. Not as much/long as I would ideally like to, but something’s gotta give. As long as I maintain some sort of schedule, it’s all good.

Cooking, well, I have been doing some experimenting with new ideas on raw foods, but unfortunately there are no photos :-). When I get more time, I will certainly take some.

Okay, gotta go. Thanks for your support and encouragement, it means a lot!

Love to you all!



~ by hearmeraw on March 31, 2009.

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