Crazy about Mac…

… Macbook that is (not McDonalds…). Yes, I took the plunge and instead of a new PC Laptop bought a Macbook (plus office for mac, an Ipod and a nice bag for that matter haha).

I am superduper excited about my new toy and love it dearly. It comes to class with me every day and I ‘play’ on it, trying to work out all the new and different things like applications etc. It’s really fun and I’m so glad I made the switch.

I still have my PC Laptop because aside from it needing an external keyboard to function (defeats the laptop purpose, really), it still works fine and since I wouldn’t get much money for it (2.5 years old) I keep it as a desktop PC at home. Also, because I can only use my work’s remote access on a PC, not a mac, so the PC can be my work computer haha.

Anyway, I have been busy with deadlines at work and uni, still settling into the routine of full-time study and part-time work and just lots of stuff on like presentations and fairs at uni and the likes. So that’s why I had to neglect the blog somewhat recently.

I think it is unrealistic for me to attempt a blog entry every day. I would much rather blog only once or twice a week but then write a really valuable and informative entry with recipes and pictures. So it’s quality over quantity from now on.

My raw food eating has been very poor recently. I mean I ate amost 100% raw but it contained lots of nuts, seeds, agave nectar, dried fruits, etc, so I am not very happy with that. My weight, funnily enough, hasn’t been affected but my mood certainly has and how I feel physically: sluggish, low energy, the likes.

I have been eating monomeals for breakfast lately – banana ice cream haha. I love it and it works for me but then I find it difficult to incorporate enough green smoothies because for lunches and dinner I really prefer salads or other crunchy, chunky meals, not soups or smoothies. But I’ll get there :-).

I have decided, since I already make a meal plan for my boyfriend (helps me plan the cooking and save money), I will also make a meal plan for myself and stick to it. That way I know when to prepare what meals and won’t get stuck in situations where I just binge on everything in sight :-).

Our apartment also needs a bit of attention on the tidying up side of things :-). I might have a whirl through today before going to class (but after my run).

I planned on doing Bikram Yoga for the first time this week but didn’t get around to it yesterday because assignment commitments took over. I really want to go next week though. Maybe I’ll make it to Sunday’s 10am class. I might not go to my normal class tomorrow because I want to run in the morning and will be going to the horse races (social club at my BF’s work is having an outing and hired a corporate box – they’re even making vegan food for me yay) at lunch time and to a social dance at night. So Sunday I should take up the opportunity. Then I know what it’ll be like before going to the early (6.30am) class on Thursday.

Yes, I have lots planned at the moment and feel somewhat stressed just because I have a deadline at work which means I might have to go into the office on the weekend (confidentiality prohibits me from taking home that particular piece of work). And then there is uni as well, I have an assignment for management accounting to do and a presentation for industrial psychology. And I also want to run on the weekend, as well as relax and finally use the ear candles I bought.

I’m sure it’ll all work out, I just need to make a good plan that shows me how to schedule everything and how to stay on track with all the tasks.

First things first, I better get on the road now. I’m planning an 11km run today, stretching my distances gradually.

I will make an effort to have a nice raw food post up on the weekend.

All the best my dearest readers and enjoy the weekend ahead (it’s Friday 7.15am here already hehe)



~ by hearmeraw on March 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Crazy about Mac…”

  1. Macbook rocks!!! And, yes, it’s more fun blogging when you feel like it and have something to say. No matter what 😉

  2. I just wanted to say that I feel the same way about meal planning; I plan what I will make for Cooked Husband but neglect myslef, and then eat whatever I find or even nibble some of his cooked stuff, then am disappointed in myself. I hope your planning is going well, and thank you for reminding me that I have been meaning to do the same for many months now!
    Great blog!

    • Hey Blanka,
      yes, it’s challenging to not forget about yourself sometimes :-). My meal planning isn’t going too well at the moment, I have to admit. But I am trying to at least do it for 1 day in advance, so I feel prepared for the next day when going to bed at night.
      Today’s plan is: green smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, fruit and vege sticks for dinner. A friend is coming around for afternoon tea (every Tuesday and she’s raw vegan, too) and we’ll do raw vegan ice cream sampling 🙂

  3. Raw vegan ice cream sampling sounds just fabulous! I wish I was there, and generally in NZ!Love the place, so green peaceful and beautiful!
    I will make a note for myself, maybe print an empty menu chart and fill it in with ideas, I have done it a few times and it helps to keep the focus. Even if you don’t follow it every day…
    Have a yummy day, it’s nice to connect this way!

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