Getting Things done…

Yes, it’s very satisfying to get things done. I am staying on track with writing down my daily spending and I plan to transfer it every Friday into an excel spreadsheet to have a base for a monthly budget that does all the calculations for me :-).

I also finally sorted out which holiday photos to print. Well, there are 250 of them and I’m not sure which shop to use (online). I might just check at the local photo shop and see what deal they can offer ;-).

I also bought my first new textbook for the upcoming semster: Management Accounting. I am actually strangely excited. Tomorrow I will have a go at it and try the photo reading technique I told you about a few days ago.

Tonight I had a yummy dinner of salad wraps. You know what I love about them? You basically have a little smorgasboard of veges and fruit and you add them in whichever combination you like, wrap up and eat. Soooo good.



And her a shot from my fast-breaking banana icecream bowl 🙂


Okay. I have a few more things on my list for tonight. I want to write up a prospective timetable with uni work and exercise all included. I also want to find a suitable training plan for my half-marathon, so I will leave you to it and will hopefully have some more informative comments for you all tomorrow :-).


Lots of love



~ by hearmeraw on February 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Getting Things done…”

  1. Lovely wraps and ice cream!!

    I too like getting things done 😀 Good luck!!

  2. I have been planing a monthly budget also. It is amazing how much money you really have when you sit down a budget. Life is much better when you are organized. I also make wraps that I buy so times I buy the thin spring roll wraps from the international food store. Going to make some banana ice cream maybe next week. I’m on Twitter as VeganForLife. Peace

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