Green Smoothies and Omega-3 Fudge!

I have to give you 2 very yummy recipes for green smoothies that I developed this week.


Tropical Greetings with Peruvian Touch

2 bananas

¼ pineapple

2 Tblsp ground linseed

3 cups spinach

1 Tblsp lucuma powder

2 cups water


Fruit Blast Smoothie

1 banana

¼ pineapple

4 apricots (small)

1 nectarine

1 Tblsp ground flaxseed

1 bunch spinach (that’s about 4 cups yay!)

2 cups water


Now you’re asking, what about that fudge…

Well, there’s a little story behind it. Since going raw my coffee machine and the coffee grinder have been sitting in the cupboard, lonely and abandoned. I decided that coffee won’t be part of my life in the near future and if then only a one-off at a café, but I won’t really use my coffee machine (espresso machine). As for the grinder, well, my food processor does a great job with most foods but sesame and especially flaxseeds are just to challenging. So I checked with my dad whether he thinks the coffee grinder would be good for it. Yes. Okay, so I tried. I ran about ¾ cups of flaxseed through the grinder after cleaning it as good as possible. It works perfectly, but my flaxseed has a slight coffee taste. I don’t really mind that J, but I thought maybe I should not use the first batch of flaxseeds for anything.


But then I had a little epiphany. Being somewhat frugal and unwilling to throw out perfectly fine food, I thought, what flavours could I combine with coffee-flavoured ground flaxseeds? Chocolate!


So, being the brave, experimental little raw foodie that I am, I went through my cupboards and came up with the following fibre- and omega3-boasting chocolate flavoured fudge…


Omega-3 Fudge

1 cup dates, soaked, then drained

1 cup water

¾ cup ground flaxseeds

4 Tblsp cocoa powder

3 Tblsp agave


Blend the dates with the water until it becomes a runny syrup. Add the agave (or use more dates in the first place and avoid agave – I had to use what was left, but feel free to experiment with the sweetness and sweeteners you use), blend again. Now add flaxseeds and cocoa powder and mix/blend very well until the mixture is smooth.

Pour onto baking paper into a flat dish and freeze until set. Cut into cubes and enjoy frozen or at room temperature.

Guilt free indulgence!





So with my ‘new’ grinder I will surely have lots of fun. My tahini attempts haven’t been convincing so far, but I have hope achieving a smooth delicious tahini now.

Anyone have a great tahini recipe?



On a completely different note, sprouting… When I sprout mung beans or adzuki beans, I use the water that drains out of the jar to water my plants. I think it’s good for them. Full of enzymes and all that stuff J. You might want to give it a try.


~ by hearmeraw on February 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Green Smoothies and Omega-3 Fudge!”

  1. Oh my goodness those brownies look good! I might give that recipe a try…thanks for posting!

  2. […] I always repent during my “food hangover,” and go back to making HEALTHY TREATS like these! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)When Nuts Are Good For […]

  3. Great recipes – they sound delish!


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