Gourmet Lunch on Tuesday

Hello everyone,

I am starting to catch up on my blog entries because I just bought an external keyboard to use on my laptop until I can get the laptop fixed.

So firstly I have to tell you about the outstanding gourmet lunch I enjoyed with Denise on Tuesday. I really recommend to any raw foodist out there to go and get the book Rawvolution by Matt Amsden. All the recipes I have tried so far (and there were a few) are outstanding, scrumptious, delicious and easy! He doesn’t fluff around with long ingredients list or complicated/weird foods. It’s all simple, fast and yummy.

So the recipes I tried were the lasagne, the mediterreanian pizza, the zucchini hummus (again), the cauliflower couscous and a fresh batch of onion bread. I highly recommend each and every single recipe!

I do admit I don’t strictly stick to the recipes all the time, because sometimes I find I don’t need as much fat or sweetener, or I might use soaked, blended dates as a sweetener instead of agave (cheaper as well this way). But the inspiration and basic ideas/guidelines come from Matt.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here the pictures of our yummy foods which we enjoyed with some boysenberry “lemonade” (defrosted boysenberries blended with some water, then stirred in some natural sparkling mineral water).

Can I also add, that the lasagne was soooo good and tasted so yummy. I dehydrated it for 6 hours, so while it wasn’t really warm as I hoped, the flavours had all come together and the top was nice and crusty (I bet you could fool some people, at least some vegans/vegetarians into thinking it is cooked). It might be a good idea to try some kind of nut cheese topping next time :-).

For dessert we had lucuma ice cream (as posted previously), mango-almond-coconut ice cream, apple-cinnamon cookies (Rawvolution) and coconut ice cream pie.


~ by hearmeraw on February 21, 2009.

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