Detox Number 2

After indulging in quite a bit of ‘naughty’ foods (see previous posts hehe) over the last few days and because I have one week left until uni starts again, I decided I want to do another 7 Day Detox. So I started my fast last night and I am really hungry. 2 ½ hours left until I will break the fast with a monomial – banana ice cream J. I can’t wait.

The reason I am using bananas is because I feel like it and because I have a few frozen ones in my freezer. The fridge is completely void of fresh produce as I used up any remainders for dinner last night and after a food-less Saturday I will go to the market tomorrow and stock up on fruit and vege J. Perfect timing I guess.


This time I am really conscious not to lose any more weight, than 1 kg max. I am down to 54.6kgs at the moment and don’t want to look scrawny. So I will probably add one meal to the detox plan. The plan is for 3 meals a day which I normally do anyway. But I have increased my running because I will sign up for the crazyman and will need to train up. My goal for June is to run the Wellington Half Marathon. So I have started to include longer runs into my training and I want to establish a good routine with uni, work and running. This is why I will add a small meal or pre-run snack into the detox plan. I need to fuel my body J.

The detox is more about getting back to basics, simple, fresh yummy food and about achieving good mental clarity before going back to uni. I just need to be in the best-possible mindset to get off to a flying start.


Aside from raw food there’s always lots going on in my life. As you all know, I have been doing summer school for the past 6 weeks and I was really over it by the end. Finally, yesterday I had my last exam, so now I have a week of ‘recovery’ before the actual uni trimester begins on March 2nd. I have a few little personal ‘projects’ that I want to complete during this week.

         set up a proper budget and saving plan and stick to it

         update this blog and add more information to it

         get all the stuff for uni sorted, i.e. buy my textbooks and get a locker on campus

         try out photoreading

         set up a training plan for the crazyman (18km) and the half-marathon (21.1km) in May and June

         sort out my holiday photos and order the best ones for printing

         select recipes my BF likes and print a little cookbook so I get some ideas and I can get him to be more independent (without relying on baked beans and spaghetti from a can)

         plan my new schedule including uni timetable, work hours and training


Today to celebrate the exam’s being over and the start of my second Raw Diva Detox I got up at 5am as per usual (yes, it has become a habit I can easily stick to), started my financial planning and some uni planning, then got ready and went to my Yoga class from 8.30-9.45am. It was fantastic as per usual. I was a bit tired though and almost fell asleep during the first half hour which mainly consists of meditation and breathing exercised. I really enjoyed the class and felt very peaceful and relaxed afterwards. I just went home, had some hot ginger water, put on a jacket and left for my day spa where I treated myself to a 30 min. massage (which was free because I had accumulated enough rewards points because of my hair cut appointments in the past J). It was wonderful and I felt very spoiled.


Afterwards I relaxed at home, soaked my feet in a foot spa (plastic box with hot soapy water hehe), put on some nice clothes, nail polish and headed into town for the Cuba Street Carnival.


I actually got quite tired after wandering through town for an hour, so I headed home, bought the external keyboard and some groceries and was glad to be back in our apartment J.

Then I made some toasted muesli for my darling BF and finally sat down. I will move onto lying down now though, I need to relax, I am hungry, very hungry and feeling drained. I guess despite not running, the walking and yoga were some form of activity and coupled with the water fast, it was draining.


So I will leave you with some pictures and watch the men’s triathlon on TV while doing nothing J.


Love to you all, I’m glad to be back and posting. I will think of you, my dear readers, when devouring a large bowl of banana ice cream tonight J.




~ by hearmeraw on February 21, 2009.

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  1. Enjoy that ice cream!! 🙂

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