School’s out

Hey everyone,

yay I’m back! Not at my little laptop seeing it is still a bit upset about having water poured over it. But I’m at work and have a few spare minutes for an entry :-).

My exams are over yay and while economics didn’t go that well, information systems was really easy.

I have a bunch of recipes and pictures to catch up on which I will do over the weekend. I am planning on starting another 7 Day detox tonight. I have eaten lots of “naughty” stuff lately, such as ice cream, fudge etc. All raw and good for you, but the quantities… not so much. So I feel a bit sluggish. I figured, I have 1 week until the normal trimester starts at uni, so I will use this week to achieve mental and physical clarity, so I’ll be ready to rock my new courses :-).

This weekend I will pamper myself. Tomorrow I have yoga, followed by a 30 min. massage. I will spend my water-fast day with clearing out my bookshelf, tidying up, sorting my wardrobe, collecting old cookbooks and textbooks for sale, starting some little personal projects and updating this blog with new information :-).

There is also a carnival festival in town and a dragon boat competition.

A friend from work and I are planning to enter the crazyman competition in May, so I have to work on a training plan for my part – the run.

Okay, gotta do some work but look forward to blogging again soon (tonight or tomorrow) yay!!!


~ by hearmeraw on February 20, 2009.

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  1. Welcome back!!

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