Fun-filled Sunday

Hey everyone out there,

what a fabulous day! And the sun is still shining brightly at 6.25pm.

I got up at 5am again, got ready, did some study and went to the vege market at 7am. That was just awesome, got so many treats!

Check out my bounty. And all that for just $43 (about US$22)


plus 2 bags of carrots and about 10 zucchinis which didn’t fit into the picture/onto my bench space here



Check out all these fruits…



It just makes my heart jump!

Okay so after all this produce extravaganza, I got ready for my race. For breakfast I had banana ice cream (2 frozen and 1 fresh banana blended). Half the ice cream I ate just like that. To the other half I added 1 Tblsp lucuma powder and there I was – in heaven.

The race started at 9.20, I got there at about 8.50, watched the half-marathon starters head off and got off to a good start myself. There were thousands of people so even though I was quite far at the front, it took half a minute to cross the starting line.

I kept a steady pace, not repeating the mistake I made in the last race where I started way too fast. I am not quite sure about the exact time as results haven’t been published (and I pressed the wrong button on my stopwatch), but it was around 32min for 7km. I was really happy with that as I had aimed for 35min.

The weather was perfect – light breeze, about 19 degrees Celsius and clear skies and sunshine.


Once I got home from the race, I treated myself to an apricot filled with lucuma ice cream 🙂



The rest of the day I spent studying, preparing raw delights such as mango-coconut-almond ice cream, sundried tomatoes, dried apricots and apple cinnamon fig cookies.

recipes will follow but now I have to get ready because we’re going out for dinner :-).

Love to you all



~ by hearmeraw on February 15, 2009.

One Response to “Fun-filled Sunday”

  1. Amaaazing produce and race results!! 🙂

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