Discovering Lucuma

Hey everyone and happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you will forgive me for being totally unromantic and Anti-Valentine’s Day :-). I don’t like the commercial circus around it and the pressure put on every man around, so I forbid my boyfriend to buy me a present. I just don’t want us to waste money because we have to find some nice gift. He will take me out for dinner tomorrow because tonight there’s Valentine’s madness and everything will be so expensive. We are very much practical people and save the romance for when it really matters.

I surprised him by bringing the weekend newspaper from the supermarket haha.

Okay, so I had a superb Saturday today. I actually got up at 5am again, because according to Steve Pavlina, it’s easiest to keep up such a habit if you just make it a daily habit and he is so right! So I got up, and I actually wanted to start studying when I found an email from my brother asking me for help with his CV. He is currently unemployed, looking for work and I had worked through his cover letter yesterday. Of course my brother is way more important than a bit of study, so I spent 1 1/2 hours tidying up his CV. I hope he likes me suggestions. I did have an hour left though, to focus on my economics studies before getting ready and going to Yoga.

Yoga was awesome today. Last week we had a different teacher fill in who wasn’t good at all, but this week the normal one is back and she is brilliant. The class I attend is called Wake-Up Yoga and is a more gentle, slow class with lots of breathing techniques, meditation and slow gentle poses. I really love this “me-time”. And while I will eventually try more challenging classes, this one suits me so well, because beside work and uni, my other activities are more challenging anyway, like running and dancing. So having a nice slow peaceful yoga class is ideal. I felt so strong, tall and centred afterwards. I felt like I was floating :-). It was quite spiritual and I always learn something about myself, for example that I sometimes find it very hard to let go of all those thoughts on my mind :-).

Do you guys practice yoga?

After class it was time for grocery shopping and I got all the essential supplies. Our fridge is almost completely empty but we’ve just had dinner and before tomorrow’s breakfast I won’t need anything and then I’m also heading to the vege market to refill the fridge :-). I’m happy it’s so empty now :-).

Did more study, some raw food research (German websites which have some great resources and are easier for my mum to read, so I sent her some links) and after lunch I went to the organic shop. I just love it :-). I finally found lucuma powder! It’s expensive (250g for $27.90 which is US$14), but OMG I just made some lucuma ice kream and it totally blew me away. I can’t wait to taste it frozen!

But I can’t be too naughty, I have a 7km road race tomorrow :-). But hey, ice kream is good for carbo-loading isn’t it? Hahaha I’m just joking.

Onto the regular stuff :-).

For breakfast I actually had salad. I like mixing things up :-).


lettuce, shredded carrot with lemon juice, shredded pumpkin and shredded zucchini. Sprinkled with pumpkin seeds.

For Lunch:

Berry yummy Smoothie

2 bananas
1 cup frozen boysenberries
1 tsp cinnamon
1 zuccini
2 cups of water


Oh so yum!

And then I got serious in the kitchen. I love weekends because they give me time to experiment with more complicated recipes. I just *had* to make Rawvolution’s famous onion bread again. I love the book and have tried so many recipes already. They’re all awesome!



And because the dehydrator is running anyway, I soaked some hazelnuts and almonds and dehydrated them. I don’t like them when they’re soaked and wet, but I feel bad eating them without soaking because they’re ‘dirty’ (dirty soaking water is the proof) and because of those enzyme inhibitors. So I’m doing this for the first time :-).

I also made the lucuma ice kream (see above)



And finally dinner. I used Matt Amsden’s recipe for Cauliflower couscous (Rawvolution book) and OMG it was divine. I loved it so much. With it I had vege sticks with sunflower seed cheese (Rawvolution – who would have thought)



Yes, I really enjoyed it :-).

I am planning to have another gourmet lunch with my bestest darling Denise.  am thinking mini pizzas on the onion bread, the couscous, some other salad, and for dessert: lucuma ice cream and coconut cream pie. I think it has to happen on Tuesday :-).

Now I am afraid, I don’t have anything very entertaining or thoughtful to provide. I have to do some more study. Two exams are coming up next Thursday and Friday, so I might not be able to blog daily.  I hope you guys will still stop buy and have a read and I will try and blog some more informative content soon :-).

Love to you all.



~ by hearmeraw on February 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “Discovering Lucuma”

  1. Yoga, smoothie, ice cream…. FABULOUS!! 🙂

  2. Thanks hun. Yes, ice cream is awesome. Especially this recipe is great. I didn’t add as much water and so it’s creamier and not as rock solid and crystally :-). Well that was during all those times I tried before it was actually fully frozen. Now that it had a chance to freeze overnight it might be harder hehe

  3. What a great day, filled with yummy recipes. Happy Love day!

  4. Yoga is great! I’m merely on beginner videos and I’ve yet to actually pay for a real class…but someday I’ll be in one. I just know it.

    And the breathing is the best part!

  5. Yes, I find the breathing exercises so valuable. My mom teaches classes on breathing techniques and I never used that opportunity, you know, having her teach me. What a shame, now I live on the other side of the world, far away from my parents.
    But at least the yoga class is right next door :-). Very handy, seeing that it’s on Saturdays at 8.30am :-).

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