Being proud

Good morning everyone,

wow, what a Friday! I kick-started the day with 45 min. of study 🙂 and managed to revise 1 1/2 chapters of my textbook. Yay!

Then I set off for my last run before the race (admittedly, I am not taking this all too seriously, I run for fun and I love it – no pressure). I ran for 40 min., it was still quite dark outside, the air nice and fresh, a little bit of rain drizzling on my and everything just still peaceful and quiet. Since starting the raw food diet and losing all that excess weight, I have a much more defined body shape, especially my core has benefitted heaps and I feel stronger and leaner.

These days, when I look into the mirror, I really like what I see and I am so happy with myself. Now, I have to share this with you :-). I wouldn’t normally put such pictures online, but hey, apparently I am not normal anymore :-). Anyway, while travelling in Italy in December, I bought these really nice CK jeans, high waisted. They were always a bit on the tight side, but I thought, I would fit them nicely eventually. Well, after not having worn them so far, they finally fit perfectly :-). (but because it’s raining today and they are a bit long, I won’t wear them. bring on a dry sunny day hehe).

So here the result 🙂


Okay, now I have to get ready to start my Friday. Need to go stock up on fruits and other groceries, then go shopping with my friend :-).

Have a lovely Thursday/Friday (wherever you are hehe).

Best wishes and hugs to everyone!



~ by hearmeraw on February 13, 2009.

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