Almost Friday :-)

Hey everyone,

good news, it’s Thursday night here and the weekend isn’t too far off :-).

I managed to do some readings for my information systems paper this morning, did yoga, crunches and push ups and then at work managed to finish my big filing/archiving job before lunchtime. yay, that was super.

My breakfast smoothie was super-yum:

Pearnana kisses Carrot

2 bananas
1 carrot
2 pears
1 piece of ginger
3 cups spinach
2 cups water

I loved the carrot in it!!!

For lunch I made sushi but this time I made a few tweaks to the rice. The rice is ground cauliflower with lemon juice, grated ginger and turmeric. I kept it in the fridge overnight (couldn’t justify waking my BF with the food processor noise at 6.30am hehe) and sprinkled it with black sesame seeds



Yum Yum!!

Okay before I actually had lunch, I met up with Denise and we had a fabulous hour of chatting about raw food and how awesome it is and how amazing it makes us feel. We’ve become even closer friends through the raw food and I think it really helps having a like-minded friend.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with a friend who is starting her first job (graduate) soon and needs a bit of help with corporate dress code. I love shopping :-), so I’m in hehe.

The weather here has been pretty miserable the last 3 days. Rain, wind, yuck. It’s supposed to be the middle of summer, the equivalent to mid August in the Northern Hemisphere, but yeah, weather wise, Wellington is sh*t :-).

On Sunday I am going to run a 7km fun run. I picked up my race pack today and it contained a muesli bar and some cheese rice wafers which I gave to a friend. It also had brochures about healthy eating and advertisement for a gym. I felt slightly offended. I think that most people who enter a 7km fun run, have a reasonably good grip on exercise and diet. The spectators are the lazy ones who should be given those leaflets!!! 🙂

Who else here is into running?

I discovered it for myself a couple of years ago. I used to hate it in high school but now I love it. I love the simplicity, it is free, easy, you can do it everywhere, it can be peaceful or you can run in a group, you can discover new routes, it’s a great way to stay fit in your holidays *and* get some sightseeing done, etc.

Tell me guys, what is your favourite form of exercise?

On a different topic, I am planning to add another page to my Raw Food information. One, where I talk about my own eating and exercising habits. I know that many people find it helpful to see an example eating plan of someone who eats successfully raw, so I will provide as much information as possible. That might be my weekend project for this blog :-).

A final question for my readers before I start doing a bit of study:

What do you do about your Vitamin B12 intake on a raw food diet? I am not so much worried about other nutrients, as my food is quite varied and I make sure I cover everything, but what should I eat to consume enough Vitamin B12? (apart from supplements)

Thanks for your help, comments and stories. As always, I’d love to read from you.

Until then, take care. Lots of love



~ by hearmeraw on February 12, 2009.

One Response to “Almost Friday :-)”

  1. Bring on the weekend NOW, I say 😉

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