Raw Food Recipes – Resources List added

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I have added a new page called Raw Food Recipes – Resources List (see bottom panel) to provide links to raw food recipe websites. I hope you will find it useful. Let me know, what you think :-).

After yesterday’s splurge of eating 2 pieces of coconut pie after dinner (while sitting in bed typing my blog entry), I noticed that I didn’t feel as energetic this morning. Yes, I have to really stick to simple raw fruits and veges, some seeds, but need to cut down my nut intake. Too many nuts make me feel sluggish and disturb my digestion. So I will go back to the detox way of eating, while adding a few seeds (flaxseeds to smoothies, sunflower and pumpkin seeds to salads) and the odd avocado. That way I feel best. I can have some nut-containing treat every once in a while, but yes, I shouldn’t go overboard if I want to feel my best.

It’s a constant learning curve and after 1 month and 2 days of being raw (almost 100% aside from certain condiments or things that I cannot influence, such as the temperature at which store-bought fruits are dried) I can say I have really learned a lot and worked out what foods work well for me and which ones don’t.

I have also not had a coffee in all that time and while I was never addicted to caffeine (no withdrawal symptoms, etc.), I did like the taste of a strong espresso or a yummy creamy soy latte. But I actually don’t miss it and I don’t need caffeine because I have enough energy from the fabulous raw foods in my diet.

I must say, I am looking forward to starting the new trimester at uni in March (that’s when uni officially starts) because it will allow me to be a bit more active (sitting at a desk all day in the office just isn’t all that healthy) because I get to stand up and walk around to different classes and from one campus to the other. A bit less routine in my life but a bit more action, so I am excited :-). It might require more planning regarding the food though, because I won’t have the convenience of the fridge in the office :-).


Coming back to the initial topic of this post, I will make more changes to the page structure here, because I want to add a page with my own personal recipes. Well, the easiest and fastest way will be to just provide a link-list/overview of my recipes which will then lead you to the blog entry containing the recipe. But that should be good anyway. No trawling through blog entries, just a quick list and you can choose which ones to look at :-). Fun!

Okay, I will do some more study now (never-ending story) before getting a hair cut at 11am yay! For now, I don’t have a new breakfast smoothie recipe because the plums in my fruit bowl looked so good that I just opted for a mono meal of 5 juicy plums 🙂


~ by hearmeraw on February 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Raw Food Recipes – Resources List added”

  1. Good luck studying, girl!!

  2. Thanks hun! I think it’ll work itself out somehow 🙂

  3. If you’re looking for raw food recipes , my friends and I started a raw food diet by Susan Schenck, called The Live Food Factor. Our favorite is the XYZ recipe. The book is worth its price just for that one recipe!

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