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Hello out there,

first of all, you might have noticed the different look of my blog. I like the new simplicity. The design stands back and doesn’t distract from the content and pictures anymore. And you can see 3 articles at the same time, how cool is that :-).

Secondly, wow I have discovered Steve Pavlina’s website. It is absolutely awesome. It is about personal development and he has hundreds of articles on the most varied topics available for free. So during this weekend I spent hours trawling through the site, devouring one article after the other.

It has helped me a lot and I have bookmarked a few to re-read. I have already implemented some changes. My initial goals and habits that I want to manifest in my life are:

1. Becoming an even earlier riser again. By getting up at 5am I can spend an hour doing studies, readings etc. for uni before I have to get myself ready for work.

2. Becoming more productive. If you ask my friends, they all would agree that I am pretty efficient. And yes, I do get a lot done and find the time to bake cakes for work etc. But I know that I do spend lots of time procrastinating, wasting time, which is something I want to avoid. So after reading Pavlina’s articles I have started to focus on being really 100% committed to the task I am currently doing. So when I study, I don’t get up constantly to tidy up or pack washing away or whatever else to destract me. No, I focus on my paper work until I have reached my pensum for the time frame (e.g. finish the chapter), then do something else.

I tried this this morning. I finished a chapter in my notes, then went on to tidy up the closet and some textbooks. It was very satsifying to just focus on tidying up. I managed to throw away two bags of paper rubbish, box up some books which I meant to post to a friend years ago, found a new spot for all my handbags, neatly sorted sheets and towels, stripped the bed, put on a load of washing and rearranged some items in the closet. I also vaccumed (even beside the fridge – it sits in a cupboard), found a new place for all my shopping bags and now the place looks almost fresh (a bit more tidying up to do).

3. Use time wisely. This links to point 2. Steve Pavlina suggests to make the most of your time, by, for example, listening to audio podcasts while doing stuff like ironing etc. This way you can learn while doing another task. So I downloaded some of his audiofiles and started listening to them on my way to the vege market. They will be my constant companion in the mornings and evenings when I walk to/from work. Brilliant! In addition, I want to use any downtime during the day better. So while I have lunch I could brainstorm some ideas for a potential business I am currently having in my head; I could get an audiobook to re-learn french and listen to it while I run; I could use boring lectures to prepare material for other course, etc. The options are endless!

My key goal here is to get more done, without becoming a workaholic (something I am in danger of).

4. Create value. Yes, I have the feeling that at this point in time this blog doesn’t create much value. Only if i create real value for readers, will I get more readers. I want people to enjoy what they read but also I want them to gain something for themselves from visiting my blog. Some people might be happy just reading what I do all day, but I bet that’s the minority. So I will from now on post more recipes and other valuable information to help others, inspire them, give them some value, and to make a difference in this online world. feedback is always welcome 🙂

So to avoid this post getting too long and messy, I will start a new entry with some pictures and recipes.

Lots of Love



~ by hearmeraw on February 8, 2009.

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  1. Love it!!

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