A few thoughts

Hey everyone,

I might have become more thoughtful over the past few weeks. I seem to feel more, smell more, hear more and notice more since going raw. And I am fascinated by the things I seem to draw into my life. The more I research raw foods and all sorts of related topics on the internet, the more awesome websites I find, the more information seems to appear and the more my life becomes enriched with knowledge I can use to change my life for the better.

I feel that, while I am certainly still young and full of life (at 23 years), I am so much more settled. I have reprioritised and yes, friends are important and socialising is fun, but it doesn’t need to an unhealthy lifestyle of boozy nights that end with a falafel kebab at 2am in the morning followed by a big piece of vegan chocolate cake at my favourite vegan-friendly late-night cafe.

I am quite happy to stand at a party, a bottle of sparkling mineral water in my hands (looks classier than a bottle of beer anytime!). And the next day I can get up early, go for a run, do yoga or study or do whatever I feel like without having to cure my hangover.

My sights these days seem to be set on feeling good (above all), being healthy and happy and everything else just seems to come automatically. And somehow I manage to find that spare time in the day when I can just sit back and relax, surf the net or be even a bit crafty like tonight (made 3 greeting cards).

Physical things I have noticed: My weight has dropped a bit more since finishing the detox. I am now at 54.4kgs (120.8lbs). Aside from that my skin has cleared up more. I have always been lucky with my skin and had hardly any pimples during my teenage years, but I always had big pores on my nose and the skin surrounding it. The pores have become finer over the last month and the blackheads seem to dissapear gradually. My ‘lovehandles’ have almost completely disappeared 🙂 and I just feel fabulous.

I used to hate my nose but now I love everything about myself. I know that I don’t have ‘typical model features’ but hey, I am so happy with myself and my body, I feel totally at ease. And I know that it shows and that people can feel that vibe from me. Beauty definitely comes from the inside and yes, I do feel beautiful. Something you probably don’t hear people say these days. I blame the whole ‘size zero’ madness and the high standards that are set by airbrushed magazine covers. But how shallow… I feel I have discovered what is really inside of me and that I am giving my body the chance to show its true self.

I found this article very interesting…

I have discovered a few more interesting website. I am thinking of setting up a new page with all those links rather than keeping them within blog posts, so stay tuned for the “links page”.

Now I’ll do a bit more reading (raw foods not economics hehehe). I hope you are all having a great weekend. Today (Friday) is the national holiday “Waitangi Day” here in New Zealand, so I had the day off and I still have the entire weekend ahead. Bliss!

I will leave you with a few pictures and today’s smoothie recipe. I rate it the best so far!

2 bananas (1 frozen, 1 fresh), 2 dried figs, soaked in water first + use soaking water, 1/4 cup of frozen berries (or more, but I had no more left), 1 piece of fresh ginger, 2 zucchini (which I used due to not having any spinach around), 2 cups of water.

Blend it all together and OMG!!!


~ by hearmeraw on February 6, 2009.

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  1. Keep feeling better!! 😀

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