Hello my dear readers,

I am so grateful for having you guys. Today I felt a bit blah the entire morning. It’s not that I don’t have energy (after all, I had a biiiig green smoothie), but I am actually tired from not sleeping enough. I have promised myself to go straight to bed tonight after finishing the baking. I want to be *in* bed at 10pm. I even look tired today and others have noticed.

I normally don’t look tired 🙂 but I think the wintery look today of turtle neck top and purple scarf adds to it (it’s freezing outside, well, probably 15 degrees Celcius 🙂 (which is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit).

Anyway, I just enjoyed two raw sushi rolls (almost the same recipe as used for my Gourmet Lunch). I didn’t want the sushi to be eaten, I just wanted to keep eating those delightful bites of yummy raw goodness! But hey, I feel a lot better now. Satisfied and almost chirpy :-).

I have been drinking hot water with ginger all day. I like it, it keeps me warm and is good for digestion.

Yesterday I looked up nutrition charts because I know my parents are a bit worried about me getting all the nutrients I need. I am pleased to find that a lot of the foods I consume contain folate. No, I am not trying to fall pregnant, but it’s just better to be careful because I had a cousin with spina bifida who died at the age of 5.

What do you guys do about vitamin B12? I used to drink fortified soy milk but now I’m not sure where to get it from. I do use nutritional yeast flakes occasionally, but not sure how ‘raw’ they are. I guess it’s a matter of just trying to do the best I can. I will continue to use the yeast for sauces or dips. However, I am also aware of the acidity it introduces to my body.

See, there’s the dilemma. You become a raw foodist and there will always be another step you can take to be “even better”. But hey, I am not striving to be perfect. I am not following food combining principles or strict acid-alkaline rules. What I do is make tasty food that is simple, easy to digest and good for me. I feel 100% better compared to pre-raw but I am not going to go overboard and become fanatical about it :-). If I feel like having a bit of fruit in my salad, then so be it :-). If that’s the worst of my nutritional crimes, then hey, I’m still a saint hehe.

On a different note, the other day I ate raw honey. Yes, I know it’s not vegan. Here’s the story: A girl in my economics paper has beehives at home and on Monday she brought me a jar of fresh (from the weekend) raw (I asked whether it was heat treated) manuka honey (super good for you, so they say hehe). I felt rude telling her I was a raw vegan, but my boyfriend eats honey so I took the jar anyway. I let her explain how they obtain the honey and it didn’t sound too cruel to me.

Out of politness and because I’ve never tried raw fresh manuka honey, I decided I will (consciously) eat a teaspoon of it. I tried it, it tasted wonderful. And that’s all there is to it. I will not continue to eat it. I’ve sampled the taste but it would feel wrong to eat it regularly. And too sweet for me now anyway. My boyfriend absolutely loves it, so that is good.

I do not regret the choice I made. With honey I don’t feel (and I bet a lot of other vegans think the same) like I have to beat myself up about it. After all, I didn’t bite into a piece of dead flesh or drink some cow’s milk. I hope you guys don’t disapprove of me now :-).

Okay, I better get back to work. I have plenty to get through in the next 2 hours before heading to class. Can’t wait to get home and do some baking. Especially those lemon chewies 🙂


~ by hearmeraw on February 4, 2009.

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