This week

has been okay so far. I’m busy with uni but managed to finish my at times tricky MS Access assignment and submitted it yesterday (not due until Thursday hehe). I was at work yesterday and I’ve got plenty to do there at the moment which is good but I would prefer to not have the uni commitment but rather work more and have more $$$ :-).


Today I didn’t work, just went to uni and sorted out passport stuff with the embassy here. That caused a lot of walking around so I don’t even need to feel guilty about having a break from running (just a normal break after 3 days of running).

I am slowly working off little tasks from my to-do list, but there’s still plenty left to keep me occupied. One of them is: go to Yan’s supermarket and buy my first DURIAN. My Malaysian friend from work will come with me and we’ll do some ‘weird fruit shopping’.

I am also planning to finally sell some of my old textbooks (I’ll never use them again), to declutter and make some $$$. Another task is to finally sort out my finances. I am lucky to not have to worry a lot about money. I get a student loan and work which is enough to feed me, pay my share of the morgage payments, buy clothes every now and then and have treats. Not much left for saving though and that’s the point I want to change. I really want to save up some money so that my parents don’t have to pay the full amount of airline tickets for my flights home etc.

And just in general I want to be more frugal. Sometimes I treat myself too much :-).

Tomorrow night I will engage in one of my favourite activities: Baking.

Yes, despite being a raw vegan now, I still enjoy cooking (for BF) and baking for all sorts of people and occasions. My boss is leaving and I volunteered to do some baking. I’m a regular baker for my workmates and they all love it, so they more than approved of my suggestion :-). I will be making mini raspberry swirl cheesecakes, twix brownies with caramell toppings and some little things called fairy kisses. For my gluten-free colleagues and myself I will make either lemon or chocolate chewies from this website.

Okay, I will get ready for bed and leave you with some pictures of my lunch and dinner today: salad wraps. Served on my new beautiful plate which I bought because our dinner plates are so flat that I always spill stuff 🙂


~ by hearmeraw on February 3, 2009.

One Response to “This week”

  1. lol I love how you show all the steps in pics. what a fun dinner!

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