Love affair with green smoothies

Did I tell you how much I love green smoothies? They are just soooo good, I could drink them all day long and not eat anything else apart from some chunks of frozen bananas or some frozen grapes, my second biggest addiction :-).

Wow, other people smoke, take drugs or drink, I am craving a drink that contains fruit and spinach – how funky :-).

Today I thought of something. I love shopping, buying new stuff, wearing new clothes, having a new kitchen gadget etc. Okay, so that’s normal for me, even though I know I could be saving heaps of money if I wasn’t such a consumer :-). However, when I hear other people talking about their lifestyle, I am often astonished by how much money people are willing to pay simply for convenience. And I don’t mean flying for 1 hour instead of driving for 10. The kind of convenience I mean is driving to work in the car, paying $10 for a car park for the day, even though they could walk which would take them maybe 20min. and provide them with exercise, fresh air and some ‘own’ time. And most of the time, the car ride takes just as long. But they are too lazy to walk.

I guess my perspective is different because I am a student, I don’t have a car, I walk everywhere and am too much of a scrudge to take the bus for $1 home. Admittedly I spend money on other stuff, but they last longer – you know you wear stuff for a while whereas driving to work only lasts for so long. And by walking I also feel greener :-).

Anyway, all I really want to say that as long as people still have the ability to waste money on things where they could easily save some serious $$$, this whole conomic crisis can’t be all that bad. Of course everyone should always have enough to eat, live in a safe house and be able to dress, educate themselves etc. But seeing how many people here still go out for dinner, get drunk every weekend to the point of no return, drive SUVs (recently I even saw a Hummer – not something you usually see in Wellington) and buy lunches every day rather than bringing food from home, there must still be plenty of money around for luxuries and convenience :-).


On a completely different note, today it rained all day and I was about to get grumpy because of it. But I thought I need to be positive and that the plants will all be very happy to get some water after days of warmth and sunshine. So I tried to reframe the rain and the trees shaking in the wind by imagining the trees to be happily dancing because of the rain. Well, it didn’t quite work :-). But hey, the intention was there 🙂

Now I will leave you with some smoothie and lettuce wrap pictures.

The smoothie (lunch): 2 peaches blended with 2 frozen bananas and 6 ‘sprigs’ of spinach (you know where the stems are connected? what would you call that? there are about 10-12 sprigs in a bunch), the juice of 1/2 lemon and 2 cups water


My salad wraps (dinner) were 4 lettuce leafs which I stuffed with 2 shredded beetroots, 2 sliced carrots, 1/3 cucumber, 1 cup sprouts and a sauce made from 1 tangelo blended with some of the carrot pieces.


~ by hearmeraw on January 27, 2009.

One Response to “Love affair with green smoothies”

  1. Loooove green smoothies for sure!! 🙂

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