A new week

Hello everyone,

it’s Monday evening here and I am seriously tired. That’s one thing I noticed since going raw. I have super amounts of energy the entire day but after going for my evening run and eating dinner, I am pretty much done :-). But hey, after 8pm, what exhausting stuff does a normal person need to do?

I can tell you: study, write assignments, blog, do some yoga, hell there’s heaps I can think of :-).

I have to do lots of revision for Thursday’s economics test so I’ve taken Tuesday and Wednesday off work to study (and have uni in the afternoon). I think it’ll work out. 40 multi choice questions about macro economics, how hard can it be? I won’t stress too much because I love the routine I have acquired of working, studying and taking decent breaks to look after myself (and my boyfriend).

The detox is going well so far. I am more conscious of what I eat, even though I don’t follow the plan 100%. I do eat only raw fruit, vege and sprouts (not fats at the moment or grains), but I do snack on fruit between meals, simply because my daily schedule requires constant attention.

At the moment I work about 20 hours a week, have 9 hours of economics class, plus go running 5x a week and dancing on Thursdays. I also have to prepare my food, cook dinner for my darling BF (I still love cooking – if only it wasn’t for the meat…) etc. So I leave the house at 7.30am for work, work from 8-3pm on Mon, Wed, Thurs and from 12-4.30pm on Fridays, have class from 4-6pm mon-Thurs, Tutorial for 1 hour on Tuesday. I get home at 6.30pm every day. Then I go running, make dinner, drop basically dead onto the couch and don’t move for the remainder of the evening :-))).

But I love it and I make sure I don’t rush around. I take my time with everything. Much more relaxing and I find, I am not spending more time doing stuff, I just don’t procrastinate or get mixed up in tasks which happened before when I rushed around and couldn’t stay focused.

I am hoping my darling friend who is raw vegan as well, has a spare few hours on the weekend. I have found some gourmet raw recipes I want to try and a lunch or dinner would be just the occasion. And she is trying the detox from Monday on, so I better dish up a raw key lime pie before she starts :-).

Everything else is going really well. My mood has lifted significantly in the last couple of weeks and even at 6.30pm I come home with a smile, more than happy to see my boyfriend and to get right into the kitchen (or my running shoes).

So now I will finish some readings after checking out more ‘raw stuff’ on the web :-). And I might even make it to bed by 10pm 🙂


Love to you all,

Eva (will post pictures sometime soon again – I promise)


~ by hearmeraw on January 26, 2009.

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  2. Hey VeggieGirl,
    thanks for your comment. I will get through I think, it shouldn’t be too tough. But then again, who knows 🙂

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