Detox – Day 2

Good morning everyone,

yesterday went well, the water fast wasn’t all that difficult and I kept myself busy doing lots around the house:

– de-cluttered 2 shelf in my bookcase and got rid of 2 bags of paper rubbish in the process
– removed the ice that had built up in the freezer
– washing, dishes, vaccum, clean the kitchen
– grocery shopping
– studied and finished my essay and submitted it
– studied in the sun and worked on my tan
– had a foot spa, tidied up my toe nails 🙂 and painted my finger nails
– cooked dinner for darling boyfriend

For my dinner (monofruit meal) I had 6 small apples…


Went to bed at around 11pm, but at 11.30pm the fire alarm in our apartment building went off so we all had to go outside and of course you’re all awake again with the ear-piercing noise from the smoke alarms. It was a false alarm, though, thankfully, so I went back to bed and slept until 7.30am (I told myself I would wake up at 7.30am without alarm and when I got up it was 7.27am… how is that for a body clock hehe)

I got up and got ready, went to the vege market and bought my weekly supplies (I usually only need to re-stock the lettuce and spinach as they don’t keep that long and my fridge ain’t big enough for 3 lettuce heads and 6 bunches of spinach which I go through in a week hehe).

When I got home and had my fruit sorted (froze some brown bananas for ice cream and smoothies, and froze some deliciously sweet grapes), I had my monofruit breakfast of 1 rock melon. I am getting a bit sick of melon at the moment I have to say :-). Well, for lunch I ‘can’ have my beloved green smoothie again, so I am looking forward to that.

Now, after completing an online test for my economics paper (and scoring 8/10, which is okay), I am off into town to get myself a decent thermos bottle for takeaway smoothies and I might find a few other treats to spoil myself with :-). I will go for a run later, but looking at the sun and almost clear sky, I better wait until the evening. UV raditation is extreme in New Zealand, we’re under the ozon hole and there isn’t much smog to protect us, so you have to be careful in the sun.

Alright, that’s me for now.




~ by hearmeraw on January 25, 2009.

One Response to “Detox – Day 2”

  1. You’ve been busy, for sure!! Love the gorgeous apple plate 😀

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