Photo Catch up: Dinner Party food


Top left to bottom right:

– coconut fudge (Rawvolution)
– summer corn salad (Rawvolution)
– the raw side of the table
– creamy garlic sauce (Rawvolution)
– bean-less hummus (Rawvolution)
– BBQ Sauce (Rawvolution)
– famous onion bread (Rawvolution)
– sunflower seed cheese (Rawvolution) – after chilling in sushi moulds
– vege sticks in glasses – yeah!
– home-made dhukka (vegan but not raw)
– home-made beer batter bread (vegan but not raw)
– the ‘other’ side: vegan empanadas (delicious!), bread, mini quiches (omni), tuna dip (omni)
– the raw side again, this time with vegan (not raw) Chinese stir-fry
– red cabbage salad (raw and delicious!)


~ by hearmeraw on January 21, 2009.

One Response to “Photo Catch up: Dinner Party food”

  1. Menu looks great! I just made some Red Cabbage and Bok Choy Slaw the other day, it looked just like your slaw does! Great post! -Jenn

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