Just a quick post

Hey dear readers,

I have been quite busy the last few days so here a quick catch up post before I get a chance to upload pictures tonight.

On Monday we had our dinner party and it was great. Lots of awesome food. I made yummy raw food delights. Friends brought dishes that they veganised and just added stuff to their own plates like mayonnaise. I thought that was awesome because I don’t expect anyone to change their pot luck dishes just to suit me, but hey, see what a change I have caused in them :-).

It was great all around. However, I overindulged and this combined with eating cooked foods that I don’t eat anymore made me feel sick afterwards and the whole of Tuesday. I felt totally blocked up like I had swallowed a rock. But hey, that’s a good learning experience never to be repeated :-). I know now, that when I will have cooked food for whatever reason, it will have to be only a very small quantity.

I went straight back to pure raw food.

I don’t know whether you remember my coffee dilemma. I have this awesome cappuccino machine that my parents brought from Germany when they visited. So I can make cafe style coffees at home. While I would be happy to give up coffees for my new lifestyle, the idea of not using the machine makes me feel a bit guilty.

Yesterday I used up the leftover soymilk, today the last bit of coffee beans, so what I am going to do now, is the following: cut out coffee completely, pack away the machine after cleaning it thoroughly and pack away the coffee grinder as well. I shall see how I go. And if I decide that I really don’t want to keep the machine, I will talk to my parents and see whether they’re happy for me to sell it. I mean it is mine, so I can do whatever, but it’s still a sad thought because having such a machine is quite a big thing in my family. We all have them and love them :-).

Anyway, here’s to going coffee-free tomorrow (I don’t think it will be hard. While I love the taste, I don’t have more than 1 or 2 a day, so I don’t think I’ll crave it anyway hehe).


I will upload photos tonight when I get home. I watched Obama’s inauguration this morning. I feel so positive about it all, I strongly believe that 2009 will be a year of great change.

Love and all the best to you all,

with positive energy and vibrant, happy thoughts



~ by hearmeraw on January 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Just a quick post”

  1. QUITE busy, indeed!!

  2. wow, you’ve been very busy!

    i sympathize with you about eating some cooked foods. i have done that a couple of times (after either being convinced, or just thinking it would be okay just this once) and it really hurt my system.

    i had even gone to the doctor once and told her i had tummy problems, and after a checkup she really couldn’t find anything wrong. but, i knew what was wrong. my body just wasn’t used to eating cooked foods any more.

    so, though my mind (psychological and emotional) may think, well it’s okay to try some cooked foods just this once… my body reacts very negatively to cooked foods.

    so it’s best i avoid them totally now…

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    I would have avoided the cooked foods but since 3 of my friends veganised their dishes especially for me (the host), it would have been rude not to at least sample them (and they were good…).

    I think from now on, I might just skip the pot luck, provide all the food myself (some raw some cooked, but I can pick and choose without insulting anyone) and rather let people bring all their drinks 🙂

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