A smoothie that would make Barbie proud

Hello dear readers,

I have spent the last week trying to find a spiralizer here in Wellington, but there was not one to be found. So I decided to order one with amazon from the US next time I order some books (which will be soon because they have so many raw foods books while the offers here are limited and expensive….). So in the meantime I still had this secret longing for a sleek and cute food processor to relieve my stick blender of the heavy duty of grinding nuts and seeds (which also makes a mess of my kitchen).

Guess what, I found one, and I even got 10% off after asking for a discount :-). I tried making Tahini and Smoothies. Obviously it’s not a blender, so I noticed that the best results will be achieved when using the processor for the chopping duties as well as using the stick blender to smooth things over :-). Perfect! (I do not have a spare $1000 to invest in a Vitamix, nor the space)

Rather than going to my dance class yesterday, I suddenly had the urge to declutter my kitchen and set it up for my new lifestyle of raw foods. So I threw away a bunch of old things (like a big tin of treacle, I only used 1 tblsp of once for a bread recipe), cleaned all the cabinets, rearranged them and have now got a well set-up kitchen with seperate shelves for general baking (for friends and family), raw foods stuff (nuts, seeds, dried fruit, etc.), a drawer with gadgets, a shelf with more gadgets, and a shelf for my darling BF’s ‘normal food’, i.e. breakfast cereals, cans of baked beans etc.

It feels very organised and clean and the benchspace is empty again, ready for food prep :-).

It is finally Friday and I am quite exhausted from the week. While the raw food gives me extreme energy and vitality, work and uni do use up a lot of that energy and in addition, its TTOTM. It is actually a bit worse than normal (I still don’t really suffer or anything, I’ve never had bad menstrual problems), which I assume comes from the combined effects of TTOTM and detox (from the change in diet). But hey, that’s fine with me. I will just have to take good care of myself over the weekend and relax a little more :-).

For the first time since going raw I went to the supermarket (I buy fruit and vege at the farmers market or at a fresh store across the road which however does not cater for all the essentials or only has a limited range) and it is amazing how much faster shopping has become.

Admittedly, aside from some fruits and greens I only needed toilet paper and some milk for the boy, but wow, I just walked past so many aisles that contain processed food. You don’t realise that until you actually skip the aisles :-). No need for breakfast cereals, pasta, cans, tortillas, meat, fish, snack foods, sweets or candy, crackers, softdrinks, nothing from the ‘deli’ (antipasto, cold meats, cheeses), bread… I loved it!

On Fridays we usually go out for a drink after work. I have decided that (even before going raw) I wanted to stop drinking alcohol all together because it does nothing good at all to your body. So instead I settled for apple juice (which was unlikely to be raw but better than drinking water for hours hehe) and water with lime. It worked well. I had, in anticipation, also bought a larabar to get me going without needing to spend a fortune on a green salad or feeling really hungry.

So that worked well and will remain my ‘game plan’ for Fridays to come. Water and lemon or lime (nice and refreshing seeing that it’s summer here) and a larabar (sneakily eaten under the table in the bar) to get me through without my stomach growling :-).

I have friends coming over for dinner on Monday because it’s a public holiday and everyone’s free. I will try a few raw dishes from the Rawvolution cookbook and am already excited about preparing them. I asked people to bring a dish they like and we will share it all. My one lovely friend from work said she would make a vegan chinese stir fry because she would feel bad bringing meat. That was so sweet of her! I actually don’t mind people bringing meat because my BF is an omnivore anyway and I cook dinners for him and all that. But I am looking forward to the stir-fry (even though it’s cooked) and the night in general.

My amazing friend who is raw vegan as well, will also come and I’m sure we’ll have a blast without feeling stuffed and bloated afterwards :-).

Okay, I’ll head to bed now, it’s time to get some sleep. And a well deserved sleep in tomorrow. I have plenty of work to do for uni. 3 assignments which I want to finish and a few chapters in my economics book. But I’m sure thanks to raw food I’ll have all the energy and mental clarity I need.

Oh, before I forget: Strawberries are still in season and this morning I thought how wonderful it would be if someone sold them on my way to work (random people just sell fruit from boxes sometimes in summer). And who would have thought… a guy just started unpacking when I walked past and so I bought around 600g (maybe more, I’m bad at estimating weights) of fresh fragrant strawberries for $8 (4 euros). You wouldn’t believe how excited I was about those strawberries! I smiled all the way to work and when I arrived I showed them to colleagues (who obviously couldn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about).

I loved them, they were delicious and I was so happy! 🙂

In closing, some pictures… (relating back to the title of this post hehehe)


~ by hearmeraw on January 16, 2009.

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  1. LOVE IT!! 😀

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