Seoul-food, soul-food

Hey everyone,

sorry for again not posting recently but last week was hectic at work because I had to get everything sorted and organised before we flew to Sydney on Friday on our journey to my family in Germany. Travelling is so exciting, I really missed it as I haven`t done any international travel since June/July 2007 when I went home last and also visited Paris for a week :-).

Anyway, I`ve been great the last few days. Not much raw food going on admittedly but it`s hard when you travel and especially to a country where you don`t speak the language, the culture is totally different and it is winter…

But I love it here and have discovered so many delicious foods already. Admittedly it is difficult to figure out whether they are strictly vegan so as soon as there is no meat or fish or omelette in sight, I give things a try and judge by taste, smell and looks whether it is vegan. So far so good ;-).

We will be here in Seoul for another 3 nights and then fly to Germany where we will be staying with my family. I am really looking fwd to seeing them because, apart from seeing my parents in Jan/Feb when they visited me, I haven`t seen anyone since June/July 2007.

here are some photos from Sydney (we stayed there one day before flying to Seoul) and Seoul (so far, just 1 day really hehe).

I will keep you updated because the internet in the hotel is free. I have enrolled for a distance course so I also need to keep that in mind, i.e. write essays etc during my travels hehehe.

I hope I can write more about vegan and especially raw food when I arrive in Germany and am back in control of the food. My mum wants to become vegetarian wahooooo. So there`s a challenge for me as I want to introduce here to all the delights of vegan cooking and if she wants to, she can always add cheese, eggs or use normal milk. That`s my plan ;-).

I hope you guys are all doing well. I hope to catch up on your blog entries soon, i.e. when I arrive at home. Especially because I need all your recipes to inspire my family ;-).

Take care everyone and I will send an update and a link to more pictures 😉


~ by hearmeraw on November 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Seoul-food, soul-food”

  1. Hang in there!! Happy to see you posting 🙂

  2. How fun! I have to say I’m jealous of your travels. 😉 Be safe and have a wonderful journey!

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