So little time for posting recently, sorry :-).

Just sitting at work at my new desk (we moved up 4 floors – yay superb view of a bush-covered hill to one side and a glimpse of the sea on the other side). It’s been a busy last week with preparing for the move at the office. On the weekend I was lazy, enjoyed the sunshine and went on a wine tasting tour with friends. It was great and relaxing and I had a fantastic time.

Unfortunately I have no smoothie recipe today because I just ate the fruits as a whole :-). The kitchen with the blender is now 5 floors below me and this as well as colleagues’ scrutinising look (disgustingly healthy food on my plate…) kind of keeps me from going downstairs any longer. I’ve just been picking all morning and lunch time, so every 2 hours or so I eat something hehe.

Went for a run this morning at 5.40am to do some last prep for Wednesday’s race.

Yesterday I also baked some goodies for my friend at work who has her 30th today. I made a profiteroles-mountain and some peanut-butter-cheesecake-cupcakes. Non vegan, all evil food 🙂 but at least people like it and gosh if I veganised it all with nuts and all that, it would be so super expensive.

Everyone loved the profiteroles… They do look pretty 🙂



~ by hearmeraw on November 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Update”

  1. No worries about no smoothie for today – I’m too busy drooling over that photo of the profiteroles, haha! 😀

    Enjoy your evening!!

  2. Wow, those look so decadent!

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