Confession Time

Yes, I must confess :-). I just came back from the local Diwali festival and have to admit that I am absolutely stuffed and no, it wasn’t raw food. The apple in my handbag was left untouched while I over-indulged in deep-fried vegan Indian goodies. I do have regrets because now I feel sick, but it was tasty nonetheless and this once-a-year opportunity seemed to good to miss.

What I learned: While cooked food may be filling in terms of how my tummy feels, it is not as satisfying and ‘fulfilling’ as raw food. With cooked food (especially the unhealthy variety of deep-fried food) I feel that eating can be satisfying but it can never reach that long-lasting spiritual feeling that I have started to experience when eating raw food. It just isn’t as complete, as whole and as perfect as a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable.

I am glad that I can use this afternoon as a lesson on my journey. I am already looking forward to finishing the day with raw food and continuing on ‘only’ raw food tomorrow.

I find the human body absolutely amazing. Not just for obvious reasons but also for little things that I have started to notice more since becoming vegan. For example, as soon as I eat something ‘naughty’ such as cake, bread or deep-fried stuff, my body reacts immediately by being bloated, having flatulence and I normally get a bit headachy (I think it comes from the sugars). And yes, knowing all of this should teach me to avoid over-indulgence, but hey, sometimes temptation is just too great, we all know that :-).

I was going to go for a run this afternoon, but I have come up with 2 excuses :-). Firstly I am way too full to run and secondly it’s freezing cold, 9 degrees celcius and a cold southerly wind from Antarctica is blowing. Once my tummy has settled a bit I will give it another thought. Until then I will work on a resource book on raw food stuff. I want to make a folder for myself with articles, information, recipes, ideas, photos, etc. So I’ll get that started.

I am also planning on doing a bit of $$$ work from home, reading a big fat report that I was asked to proof-read until Tuesday. That’ll have to wait until a bit later though.

Now here’s to being back on the bandwagon, 150% dedicated to raw food!!!


~ by hearmeraw on October 26, 2008.

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